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Combining crop model and remote sensing data at high resolution for the assessment of rice agricultural practices in the South-Eastern France (Take 5 experiment SPOT4-SPOT5)


Courault, Dominique (1); Ruget, Fran├žoise (1); Talab-ou-Ali, Halima (1); Hagolle, Olivier (2); Delmotte, Sylvestre (3); Barbier, Jean-Marc (3); Boschetti, Mirco (4); Mouret, Jean-Claude (4)

1: UMR 1411 EMMAH, INRA, UAPV Avignon, France; 2: CESBIO-CNES, Toulouse France; 3: UMR Innovation 951, INRA Montpellier, France; 4: IREA-CNR Milano Italy



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