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SAMIRA - SAtellite based Monitoring Initiative for Regional Air quality


Stebel, Kerstin (1); Ajtai, Nicolae (2); Horálek, Jan (3); Nicolae, Doina (4); Schneider, Philipp (1); Stachlewska, Iwona S. (5); Novotny, Petr (6); Diamandi, Andrei (7); Benesova, Nina (3); Stefanie, Horatiu (2); Nemuc, Anca (4); Talianu, Camelia (4); Zehner, Claus (8)

1: NILU, Norwegian Institute for Air Research, Kjeller, Norway; 2: Babeş-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania; 3: CHMI, Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, Prague, The Czech Republic; 4: INOE, National Institute of Research and Development for Optoelectronics, Margurele, Romania; 5: University of Warsaw, Warsaw, Poland; 6: IDEA-ENVI s.r.o., The Czech Republic; 7: NMA, National Meteorological Administration, Bucharest, Romania; 8: ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy


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