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Evaluation of AOD uncertainties in three 17-year ATSR-2/AATSR retrievals


Stebel, Kerstin (1); Povey, Adam (2); Heckel, Andreas (3); Kinne, Stefan (4); Kolmonen, Pekka (5); de Leeuw, Gerrit (5); North, Peter (3); Sogacheva, Larisa (5); Thomas, Gareth (6); Popp, Thomas (7)

1: NILU, Norwegian Institute for Air Research, Kjeller, Norway; 2: Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Planetary Physics Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford, United Kingdom; 3: College of Science Swansea University, United Kingdom; 4: Max-Planck-Institut für Meteorologie, Hamburg, Germany; 5: FMI, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki, Finland; 6: RAL Space STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, United Kingdom; 7: DLR, German Aerospace Center, Weßling, Germany


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