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Collection of Ground Biophysical Measurements and Production of High Resolution Ground-based Maps in support of Copernicus Global Land Product Validation: The ImagineS database


Camacho, Fernando (1); Lacaze, Roselyne (2); Latorre, Consuelo (1); Baret, Frederic (3); De la Cruz, Fernando (4); Demarez, Valerie (5); Di Bella, Carlos (6); García-Haro, Javier (7); González-Dugo, M. Pat (8); Kussul, Natalia (9); Mattar, Cristian (10); Nestola, Enrica (11); Pattey, Elizabeth (12); Rudiger, Chris (13); Boschetti, Mirco (14); Bossio, Deborah (15); Castrignano, Anna María (16); Shelestov, Andrii (9); Weiss, Marie (3); Zribi, Mehrez (5); Roujean, Jean-Louis (17)

1: EOLAB, Spain; 2: HYGEOS, France; 3: INRA, France; 4: ITAP, Spain; 5: CESBIO, France; 6: INTA, Argentina; 7: Universitat de Valencia; 8: IFAPA, Spain; 9: NAS ,Ukraine; 10: University of Chile, Chile; 11: IBAF-CNR, Italy; 12: Agri-Food, Canada; 13: Monash University, Australia; 14: IREA-CNR, Italy; 15: CIAT, Kenya; 16: CRA-SCA, Italy; 17: METEO-FRANCE, France


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