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Sentinels Missions In The Copernicus Global Land Service: Monitoring the Continental Ecosystems


Lacaze, Roselyne (1); Smets, Bruno (2); Paulik, Christoph (3); Bauer-Marchallinger, Bernhard (3); Tansey, Kevin (4); Verger, Aleixandre (5); Swinnen, Else (2); Camacho, Fernando (6); Jann, Alexander (7); Calvet, Jean-Christophe (8); Coelho, Sandra (9)

1: HYGEOS, France; 2: VITO, Belgium; 3: Vienna University of Technology, Austria; 4: University of Leicester, United Kingdom; 5: CREAF, Spain; 6: EOLAB, Spain; 7: ZAMG, Austria; 8: Meteo-France, France; 9: IPMA, Portugal


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