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SPOT5 Take 5 – Applications for Northen Permafrost Landscapes


Heim, Birgit (1); Bartsch, Annett (2,3); Beamish, Alison (1); Buchhorn, Marcel (4); Dvornkiov, Yuri (5,1); Widhalm, Barbara (2,3); Morgenstern, Anne (1); Leibman, Marina (5)

1: Alfred Wegener Institut Helmholtzzentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung AWI, Germany; 2: Zentralanstalt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik ZAMG, Austria; 3: Vienna Technical University, Austria; 4: University Fairbanks, Alaska; 5: Earth Cryopshere Institute Moscow/Tyumen ECI, Russia


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