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Spaceborne measurement of Greenland ice sheet changes: the ESA Greenland CCI project


Forsberg, Rene (1); Sørensen, Louise (1); Meister, Rakia (1); Simonsen, Sebastian (1); Dall, Jørgen (1); Kusk, Anders (1); Nagler, Thomas (2); Hetzenegger, Marcus (2); Evensberget, Dag (3); Hauglund, Kenneth (3); Khvorostovsky, Kirill (4); Shepherd, Andy (5); Hogg, Anna (5); Andersen, Signe (6); Hvidberg, Christine (7); Svensen, Synne (8); Engdahl, Marcus (9)

1: Technical University of Denmark, Denmark; 2: Enveo, Austria; 3: S%26T Norway; 4: Nansen Environmental Research Centre, Norway; 5: University of Leeds, UK; 6: Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Denmark; 7: Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University, Denmark; 8: Danish Meteorological Institute; 9: ESA ESRIN, Italy


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