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Inter-comparison of ice sheet mass balance products from GRACE: ESA CCI Round Robin results


Groh, A. (1); Horwath, M. (1); Horvath, A. (2); Meister, R. (3); Sørensen, L.S. (3); Forsberg, R. (3); Su, X. (4); Shang, K. (4); Shum, C.K. (4); Ditmar, P. (5); Ran, J. (5); Klees, R. (5); Wouters, B. (6); Schrama, E. (5); Shepherd, A. (7)

1: Technische Universität Dresden, Germany; 2: Technische Universität München, Germany; 3: DTU Space, Denmark; 4: Ohio State University, USA; 5: Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands; 6: University of Bristol, UK; 7: University of Leeds, UK


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