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Swarm magnetic and GOCE gravity gradient grids for lithospheric modelling


Bouman, Johannes (1); Ebbing, Jörg (2,7); Kotsiaros, Stavros (3); Brönner, Marco (4,7); Sebera, Josef (5); Haagmans, Roger (6); Fuchs, Martin (1); Holzrichter, Nils (2); Olsen, Nils (3); Baykiev, Eldar (7); Novak, Pavel (5)

1: TU Munich; 2: Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, Germany; 3: DTU, Denmark; 4: NGU, Norway; 5: University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic; 6: ESA-ESTEC, Netherlands; 7: Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway


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