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The CarbonSat End-to-End Simulator


Bramstedt, Klaus (1); Noël, Stefan (1); Heinrich, Bovensmann (1); Max, Reuter (1); Burrows, John P. (1); Jurado Lozano, Pedro José (2); Meijer, Yasjka (2); Loescher, Armin (2); Acarreta, Juan R. (3); Sturm, Philipp (4); Tesmer, Volker (5); Sánchez Montero, Ana María (6); Atapuerca Rodríguez de Dios, Francisco Javier (6); Toledano Sanchez, Daniel (6); Boesch, Hartmut (7)

1: University of Bremen, Germany; 2: ESA-ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands; 3: Deimos Space S.L.U., Tres Cantos Madrid, Spain; 4: Airbus Defence and Space, Immenstaad, Germany; 5: OHB, Bremen, Germany; 6: GMV, Tres Cantos Madrid, Spain; 7: University of Leicester, Great Britain


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