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CryoSat Mission over the Ocean: Major processing Upgrade for the operational Ocean Products


Urien, Stéphanie (1); Mantovani, Pier-Luca (2); Scagliola, Michele (3); Dinardo, Salvatore (4); Brockley, David (5); Cipollini, Paolo (6); Fernandes, Joana (7); Bouffard, Jérôme (8); Féménias, Pierre (8); Benveniste, Jérôme (8)

1: CLS, France; 2: ACS, Italy; 3: ARESYS, Italy; 4: EUMETSAT, Germany; 5: MSSL, United Kingdom; 6: National Oceanography Centre, United Kingdom; 7: Universidade do Porto, Faculdade de Ciências, Portugal; 8: ESA - ESRIN, Italy


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