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Relative drifts and biases between ten ozone limb and occultation satellite measurements


Rahpoe, Nabiz (1); Weber, Mark (1); Rozanov, Alexei (1); Weigel, Katja (1); Bovensmann, Heinrich (1); Burrows, John (1); Laeng, Alexandra (2); Stiller, Gabi (2); von Clarmann, Thomas (2); Sofieva, Viktoria (3); Kyrölä, Erki (3); Tamminen, Johanna (3); Walker, Kylie (4); Degenstein, Douglas (5); Bourassa, Adam (5); Hargreaves, Robert (8); Bernath, Paul (6); Urban, Jo (7); Murtagh, Donald (7)

1: University Bremen, Bremen, Germany; 2: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany; 3: Finish Meteorolgical Institute, Finland; 4: Department of Physics, Toronto, Canada; 5: Institute for Space and Atmospheric Studies, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan, Canada; 6: Department of Chemistry, York, UK; 7: Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden; 8: Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Old Dominion University, USA



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