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Sentinel 3 SRAL and MWR Phase E1 Results


Houpert, Alexandre (1); Leroy, Yves (1); Deschaux-Beaume, Marc (1); Proia, Amandine (1); Baillion, Yvan (1); Bergada Pujades, Marc (2); Palacios Lazaro, Miguel-Angel (2); Olea Garcia, Ana (2); Gonzales Sola, Raquel (2); Mavrocordatos, Constantin (3); Borde, Franck (3); Klein, Ulf (3); Rebhan, Helge (3); Picot, Nicolas (4)

1: Thales Alenia Space, France; 2: Airbus Defence and Space, Spain; 3: ESA - ESTEC, The Neederlands; 4: CNES, France


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