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The Symposium is co-sponsored by the Congress Tourism Grant Programme of the Prague City Municipality.



ACRI-Group is an independent SME serving space agencies and EO data users, allying expertise and engineering skills to deliver innovative project management of complex environmental systems development and operations (EO data simulators and processors, data processing, archiving and mission performance assessment).
Advanced Computer Systems ACS Spa is an Italian software house. ACS core business is the development of ground stations for Earth Observation data. Moreover ACS implements EO applications and 3D-4D visualisation systems.
Airbus Defence and Space is one of the three Divisions of the Airbus Group and Europe’s Number 1 defence and space company. It is the world’s second largest space company and one of the top 10 defence companies globally, with revenues of around €13 billion per year and approx. 38,600 employees.
CGI is one of the largest global IT services providers.  Our pan-European team provides ground systems for processing Earth observation and weather satellite data, and services exploiting EO data for applications from forestry and agriculture to climate and insurance.  Visit www.cgi-group.co.uk/space
Deimos Imaging based in Spain, a subsidiary of UrtheCast (Canada), is one of the world’s leading satellite imagery providers. Deimos operates the DEIMOS-1 and DEIMOS-2 satellites, and two cameras onboard the International Space Station, including a UHD video camera. Deimos also provides imagery from the satellites of its partners in the PanGeo Alliance, a fleet of 14 Earth Observation multispectral sensors, in a wide range of resolutions. To learn more, visit http://www.deimos-imaging.com/
The companies’ e-GEOS, GAF AG and Telespazio VEGA UK, members of the Telespazio Group offer a comprehensive portfolio ranging from Earth observation data acquisition, scientific quality control and processing to the development and distribution of software and products. We are one of the major global suppliers of geospatial application solutions and services including consulting and institutional strengthening.
Imagery and Beyond: Esri will be demonstrating real applications, including Drones and Sentinel satellite imagery coming from the earth monitoring program, Copernicus. These applications will demonstrate Esri’s solutions for enterprise imagery management and reveal the advanced image processing and analysis capabilities of the ArcGIS platform
EUMETSAT monitors weather and climate from space, operating 5 geostationary spacecraft providing data vital for severe weather warnings and 2 polar-orbiting satellites to forecast high-impact weather in advance. EUMETSAT partners in the Jason ocean altimetry missions and exploits the EU Copernicus Sentinel-3 marine mission.
European Space Imaging is the ‘go to’ company in Europe for very high-resolution satellite imagery and direct satellite tasking services. They offer customers access to the highest resolution imagery (50 – 30 cm) from the largest constellation of sub-meter satellites and the most extensive data archive.
GMV is a trusted partner of Satellite Operators, Manufacturers and Space Agencies worldwide. We provide engineering, software development and systems integration in the areas of mission analysis, GNC, on board software, navigation, satellite control, flight dynamics, data processing, mission planning and applications.
Earth Engine is Google's cloud platform for petabyte-scale analysis of satellite imagery and other geospatial data.  Originally conceived in 2009 as a platform for global forest monitoring, today scientists, governments, and NGOs around the world are using Earth Engine in areas ranging from food and water security to disaster risk management, public health, biodiversity, and climate change adaptation.
Interoute is an international telecommunications service provider and the owner operator of Europe's largest network and global cloud services platform, which encompasses over 70,000 km of lit fibre, 12 Data Centres, and 14 Virtual Data Centres. Recognised as a leader in Cloud Enabled Managed Hosting in Europe by Gartner, Interoute provides connectivity, communications and computing services to international enterprises, global service providers, mobile operators and governments. www.interoute.com
Jena-Optronik GmbH. How is our planet changing? How are the climate and our environment changing? We help to provide answers to these questions with our projects, products and partners: components for COPERNICUS’ Sentinel satellites, GEOclassifier toolbox, GlobWetland II and SWOS wetland projects.
MDA delivers advanced operational, time-sensitive, business process-specific, geospatial information solutions derived from the high-resolution RADARSAT-2 satellite, commercial optical satellites, and aerial systems. MDA is the primary source used by the Civil Government, Defence & Security, Energy, and Aviation sectors.
MetaSensing is a high-tech radar company located in the Netherlands, close to the ESA-ESTEC site, offering radar solutions for numerous applications. MetaSensing offers airborne SAR and ground-based radar sensors and services for mapping, monitoring and surveillance, both for commercial and scientific applications.
OVL provides access to multiple sources of data and visualises them in an imaginative and interactive way. This integrated processing and display is ideal for users unfamiliar with detailed processing options, but also provides a useful demonstration tool for research and teaching in the academic environment.
Serco is among the leading Space Industry Manufacturing and Services Companies. Since the inception of a coordinated European space organisation, our employees continue to provide their technical, scientific and management skills to the full range of European cornerstone space missions. Our heritage provides:
  • a unique breadth and depth of skills
  • allowing us to base our solutions on proven experience
  • so providing our customers with low risk, effective and expert solutions
It is on this basis that we have been able to grow and develop our space business over the past 40 years, starting in the UK defence sector, then into the civil European organisations of ESA, Eumetsat and the EU, and today into both the North American and Middle Eastern markets
UK Space Agency. Central to UK efforts to explore and benefit from space, responsible for growing UK capability in space-based systems, technologies, science and applications. The UK Government sponsor for Earth Observation from space, enabling UK expertise in the design, acquisition and use of EO for scientific and societal benefits.
VITO is a European independent research and consultancy organization with more than 20 years of expertise in developing multi- and hyperspectral earth observation systems. It is our goal to support end-users to collect, access and use reliable geo-information for Environmental Monitoring,  Food Security,  Water. Contact: remotesensing@vito.be


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