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Making Use of the Latest Earth Observation Datasets from Copernicus Programme – The SAFI EU-FP7 project


Vincent, Chloe (1); Mangin, Antoine (1); Bryère, Philippe (1); Lesne, Olivia (1); Scarrott, Rory (2); Dunne, Declan (2); Gault, Jeremy (2); Lecouffe, Catherine (3); Jarry, Etienne (3); Morales, Jesus (4); Moreno, Oscar (4); Duque Perea, Raquel (4); Jimenez, Carlos (4); Martinez, Ines (4); Gaspar, Miguel (5); Rufino, Marta (5); Santos, A. Miguel (5); Garrido, Susana (5); Bugalho, Lourdes (5); Marques, Vitor (5); Shorten, Marc (6); Maguire, Julie (6); Taji, Mohamed Amine (7)

1: ACRI-ST, Sophia Antipolis, France; 2: University College Cork (UCC), Cork, Ireland; 3: COFREPECHE, Paris, France; 4: Instituto Andaluz de Investigacion y Formacion Agraria, Pesquera, Alimentaria y de la Produccion Ecologica (IFAPA), Huelva, Spain; 5: Instituto Portugues do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA), Lisboa, Portugal; 6: Daithi O’Murchu Marine Research Station (DOMMRS), Gearhies, Ireland; 7: ACRI-EC, Casablanca, Morocco



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