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Sentinel-3 calibration and validation for OLCI products: early results from Mission Performance Centre


Bourg, Ludovic (1); Alhammoud, Bahjat (2); Antoine, David (3); Bélanger, Simon (4); Brockmann, Carsten (5); Chapron, Nicolas (1); Claustre, Hervé (3); Dash, Jadunandan (6); Dvered, Emmanuel (7); Fischer, Juergen (8); Garnesson, Philippe (1); Gobron, Nadine (9); Goryl, Philippe (10); Kirches, Girt (5); Lamquin, Nicolas (1); Lerebourg, Christophe (1); Loisel, Hubert (11); Mangin, Antoine (1); Preusker, Rene (8); Sterckx, Sindy (12); Vellucci, Vicenzo (3); Zibordi, Giuseppe (9)

1: ACRI-ST, France; 2: ARGANS Ltd, United Kingdom; 3: Laboratoire Océanographique de Villefranche, France; 4: ARCTUS Canada; 5: Brockmann Consult, Germany; 6: Univ. Of Southampton, United Kingdom; 7: Takuvik, Canada; 8: Spectral Earth, Germany; 9: European Commission - Joint Research Center, Italy; 10: ESA/ESRIN, Italy; 11: Laboratoire d’Océanologie et de Géosciences, France; 12: VITO, Belgium


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