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A unique dataset from inland waters: Coupled in-situ and airborne measurements of optical properties at Lake Stechlin, Germany


Utschig, Christian (1); Keck, Therese (2); Ruhtz, Thomas (2); Fischer, Jürgen (2); Jechow, Andreas (3); Hölker, Franz (3); Gessner, Mark (3); Hollstein, Andre (4); Brell, Maximilian (4); Spengler, Daniel (4); Guanter, Luis (4); Kyba, Christopher C.M. (4)

1: Helmholtz Centre Geesthacht, Germany; 2: Free University of Berlin, Germany; 3: Leibniz-Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries Berlin, Germany; 4: Helmholtz Centre Potsdam, Germany


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