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Soil moisture monitoring over wetland areas using GNSS signals


Molfulleda, Antonio (1); Martín, Francisco (1); Darrozes, José (2); Roussel, Nicolas (2); Desenfans, Olivier (3); Van de Vyvere, Laura (3); Verschoore, Jeroen (4); Van der Wal, Tamme (4); Ronfle-Nadaud, Catherine (5); Mykoniatis, Georges (5); Perbost, Gilles (5); Paris, Xavier (5); Assenbaum, Michel (6)

1: Starlab Limited, United Kingdom; 2: GET, CNRS, France; 3: M3 system, Belgium; 4: Aerovision, Netherlands; 5: ENAC, France; 6: AJ, France


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