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New products of global atmospheric aerosol and surface reflectance for Sentinel-3


North, Peter (1); Heckel, Andreas (1); Brockmann, Carsten (2); Danne, Olaf (2); Kirches, Grit (2); Davies, William (3); Henocq, Claire (4); Ferron, Stephane (4); Rouffi, Frederic (4); Ramon, Didier (5); Grzegorsk, Michael (6); Goryl, Philippe (7)

1: Swansea University, United Kingdom; 2: Brockmann Consult, Geesthacht, Germany; 3: Reading University, United Kingdom; 4: ACRI-ST, France; 5: HYGEOS, France; 6: EUMETSAT, Darmstadt; 7: European Space Agency, Frascati, Italy


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