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Temporal Variability in MERIS water constituents modeled by STL decomposition in SW Iberian Peninsula: Sagres


Icely, John (3,6); Cordeiro, Clara (1,2); Cristina, Sónia (3,4); Lavender, Samantha (5); Goela, Priscila (3,4); Newton, Alice (3,7)

1: FCT - University of Algarve, Portugal; 2: CEAUL, FCUL, Portugal; 3: CIMA - University of Algarve, Portugal; 4: Facultad de Ciencias del Mar y Ambientales, University of Cadiz, Spain; 5: Pixalytics Ltd, Plymouth, UK; 6: Sagremarisco Lda., Vila do Bispo, Portugal; 7: NILU-IMPEC, Norway


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