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Towards a System Combining SAR and Optical Sentinel Data to Monitor Gold Mining in the Guiana Shield


Rahm, Mathieu (1); Lardeux, Cédric (1); Frison, Pierre-Louis (2); Crabbe, Sarah (3); Hardjoprajitno, Mercedes (3); Smartt, Towana (4); Totaram, Jasmin (4); Funi, Claudia (5); Farias, Patrick (5); Lauger, Anthony (6); Bedeau, Caroline (6)

1: ONF International (ONFI), Paris, France; 2: CESBIO / UPEM, France; 3: Stichting voor Bosbeheer en Bostoezicht (SBB), Paramaribo, Suriname; 4: Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC), Georgetown, Guyana; 5: Secretaria de Estado do Meio Ambiente do Amapá (SEMA), Macapa, Brazil; 6: Office National des Forêts (ONF), Cayenne, French Guiana



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