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The ADAM (A Surface Reflectance Database for ESA’s Earth Observation Missions) project for realistic simulations of the spectro-directional variations of the Earth surface reflectances at the global scale


Bacour, Cédric (1); Breon, François-Marie (2); Gonzales, Louis (3); Price, Ivan (1); Prunet, Pascal (1); Waddle, Julien (1); Rechal, David (1); Muller, Jan-Peter (4); Schlundt, Cornelia (5); Chaumat, Laure (1); Yershov, Vladimir (4); Shane, Neville (4); Vountas, Marco (5); Lewis, Philip (6); Straume-Lindner, Anne Grete (7)

1: NOVELTIS France; 2: LSCE-CEA; 3: LOA-Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille; 4: Mullard Space Science Lanoratory-UCL; 5: Institute of Environmental Physics and Remote Sensing-University of Bremen; 6: Dept. Geography and NCEO-UCL; 7: ESA


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