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3D measurements of tropical forest structure for biomass, morphology and calibration and validation of satellite observations


Disney, Mathias (1,2); Burt, Andrew (1); Calders, Kim (1,3); Raumonen, Pasi (4); Herold, Martin (5); Lewis, Philip (1,2); Lewis, Simon (1,6); Boni Vicari, Matheus (1); Rowland, Lucy (7); Meir, Patrick (7); Mitchard, Ed (7)

1: University College London, United Kingdom; 2: NERC National Centre for Earth Observation (NCEO), UK; 3: National Physical Laboratory, UK; 4: Tampere University of Technology, Finland; 5: Wageningen University, The Netherlands; 6: Leeds University, UK; 7: University of Edinburgh, UK


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