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Sentinel Convoy: Synergetic Earth Observation with Satellites Flying in Formation with European Operational Missions


Regan, Amanda Suzanne (1); SIlvestrin, Pierluigi SIlvestrin (2); Fernandez, Diego Fernandez (3); Johannessen, Johnny (4); Rott, Helmut (5); Nagler, Thomas (5); Stoffelen, Ad (6); Remedios, John (7); Humpage, Neil (7); Baltzer, Heiko (7); Wooster, Martin (8); Dedieu, Gerard (9); Atkinson, Karl (10); Leveque, Nicolas (10); Brooker, Laure (11); Bird, Rachel (12)

1: Earth Observation Future Missions, European Space Agency; 2: Head of Earth Observation Future Missions, European Space Agency; 3: EO Science, Coordination and Planning Office, European Space Agency; 4: NERSC, Norway; 5: ENVEO IT GmbH, Austria; 6: KNMI, The Netherlands; 7: Earth Observation Science, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Leicester, UK; 8: Kings College London, London; 9: CESBIO, France; 10: AirBus Defence and Space, UK; 11: AirBus Defence and Space, France; 12: Surry Satellite Technology Ltd, UK


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