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Science Plan for the Radio Occultation Instrument on EPS-SG/MetOp-SG


Kern, Michael (1); von Engeln, Axel (2); Garcia Rodriguez, Alberto (1); Rosello, Josep (1); D'Addio, Salvatore (1); Forte, Biagio (3); Hauschild, Andre (4); Healy, Sean (5); van den IJssel, Jose (6); Kirchengast, Gottfried (7); Lauritsen, Kent (8); Ringer, Mark (9); Syndergaard, Stig (8)

1: ESA, Netherlands, The; 2: Eumetsat, Germany; 3: University of Bath, UK; 4: German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany; 5: ECMWF, UK; 6: Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands; 7: University of Graz, Austria; 8: Danish Meteorological Institute, Denmark; 9: Met Office, UK


LPS_SP_MetOPSG_2016 v4.pdf

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