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The Sentinel-3 Hydrologic Altimetry Processor prototypE project


Fabry, Pierre (1); Bercher, Nicolas (1); Roca, Mònica (2); Martinez, Bernat (2); Nilo, Pablo (2); Ray, Chris (2); Moyano, Gorka (3); Fernandes, Joana (4); Lázaro, Clara (4); Gustafsson, David (5); Arheimer, Berit (5); Ambrózio, Américo (7); Restano, Marco (8); Benveniste, Jérôme (6)

1: ALONG-TRACK, France; 2: isardSAT, United Kingdom; 3: IsardSAT Sp. z o.o., Poland; 4: Universidade do Porto, Faculdade de Ciências, Portugal; 5: SMHI, Sweden; 6: ESA-ESRIN, Italy; 7: Deimos/ESRIN, Italy; 8: Serco/ESRIN, Italy


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