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Global fire impacts assessment from long term analysis of burned area products


Chuvieco, Emilio (1); Pettinari, Lucrecia (1); Alonso-Canas, Itziar (1); Padilla, Marc (2); Tansey, Kevin (2); Yue, Chao (3); Ciais, Philippe (3); Heil, Angelika (4); Kaiser, Johannes (4); Mouillot, Florent (5); Pereira, Jose Miguel (6); Bastarrika, Aitor (7); van der Werf, Guido (8); Storm, Thomas (9); Oom, Duarte (6); Lewis, Philip (10); Gomez, Jose (10); Roteta, Ekhi (7)

1: University of Alcala, Spain; 2: University of Leicester; 3: Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l’Environnement; 4: Max Planck Institute for Chemistry; 5: IRD; 6: Universidade de Lisboa; 7: University of the Basque Country; 8: VUA - Stichting VU-VUmc; 9: Brockmann Consult; 10: University College London


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